You probably found our site initially as part of a search for a new soup maker, or looking for soup related information. We’re really pleased you found us, as those will give you a great foundation in making your soups. However, there’s a lot more to soup making, and part of that  is to know what else you should buy to get the most from your creations. By investing in the best accessories and extras to go with your soup maker, you’ll be able to enjoy your time in the kitchen even more, and create more soups in greater volume with ease.

Part of that might be to acknowledge that it’s good to know how to do things the old fashioned way. It’s what you might call a return to manual methods – making soup on the hob in a pan. While automatic soup makers are amazing, understanding how soup cooks in a pan can give you a more in depth understanding of how ingredients will combine and why some work together better than others.

If you’re making a lot more soup than you need for one meal, you might also want to consider some storage solutions like tupperware containers. There are also lots of other brands too that work really well, so we’re going to take a look at lots of ideas in turn.

This section is all about those little extras that can make all the difference, helping you to go further with your new soup making skills. It’s not a case of buying everything, although some people will be keen to be fully kitted out as soon as possible, so however you like to prepare, you can dive into this section as required to find what you need.

So, let’s get started and dive into some ideas for equipment you may or may not already own to consider.


large image of Thermos 184807 Stainless King Food Flask, Cranberry Red, 0.47 L Soup Flasks

Spills and mess are inevitable if you don’t have access to a reliable sealed container to transport your soups. Soup flasks are perfect to fill that requirement, watertight and keeping the contents hot are the name of the game. In fact, good food flasks will give you a warm meal at any time during the day if you know how to use them properly.

They’re perfect for anyone that eats away from home regularly – while they conjure up the image of outdoors hiking types, the truth is they’re also perfect for those of us who spend our days in the office, but want something quick and hot to grab for lunch.

In the soup flasks section you’ll find big brands like Thermos alongside others you’ve probably never heard of, so we’re here to help you understand what to buy, and maybe what not to buy too. There’s a lot to choose from, meaning there’s something for every taste and every budget too.

Here’s our rundown of the best soup flasks.

large image of Zuvo 50 X Rectangular Microwave Plastic Food Container, Reusable Food Container Clear, 750 ml, Set of 50 Storage Pots & Containers

If you’re making soup, it’s not much harder to make a job lot at once rather than a single portion or family meal. The trouble is, you need something to keep it in to store it safely in the fridge until you need it. In fact, freezing it is an option too, so knowing that you’ve got some hygienic freezer safe containers is perfect.

We’ve all got memories of Tupperware in our parent’s cupboards when we were small, but there’s a lot more to choose from now that you might be interested in too. Have a look at our range of container information in this section and see if there’s something that fits your needs. They range from individual tubs to large sets in different sizes, so think about how much you’re likely to be creating and make an informed choice.

large image of Porcelain Bowls - Set of 4 | 600ml White Bowl | Perfect for Deserts, Breakfasts & Soups | Dishwasher, Microwave & Oven Safe | M&W Soup Bowl Sets

Lets move from the storage of soup to something much more exciting – eating it!

When the soup’s hot and ready, you’ll need some bowls that make it easy to eat. Soup bowls need to be wide enough to make it easy to eat from, but not so wide that it goes cold because the portion is so shallow. It’s a fine balance, and one you’ve probably never thought about.

The good news is there’s plenty to choose from, and what’s more, you’ll probably find something that’s close enough to your existing crockery sets to match.

large image of Tower T80837 Casserole Dish, 24cm- Stainless Steel, Silver Soup Pots & Pans

Soup pots (aka stock pots) are brilliant for the kitchen purists that don’t always want to rely on the electronic soup makers. In fact, it’s great to spend a little time where possible learning to make soup yourself too on the hob, as it broadens your understanding of how ingredients blend  together as you see it in action, rather than leave it hidden in the soup maker.

It’s possible in a conventional saucepan, but a good sized soup pot is better if you want to really see what’s going on and make up some big batches while you’re at it.

Proper soup pans are perfect if you need to leave the soup for a few minutes while it heats up, reducing the risk of it burning and sticking and ruining your hard work preparing all the ingredients. Even the most dedicated chef needs to pop out of the kitchen for a few minutes every now and again!

Here’s our selection of good stock pots.

Wooden Spoon Sets

A great soup pan is a wise buy, but to really get the effect, get some good quality wooden spoons too. With some of our selected sets, you’ll be mixing your creations like a pro. Don’t be tempted to ruin your new pan’s non stick surface with a metal utensil, especially as these wooden spoon sets are so affordable.