If you look outside of the likes of the really big and well known brands, just below them you’ll find the likes of companies like Vonshef, who make some really affordable and good quality products. They’re particularly good for kitchenware, whether that’s baking equipment, kitchen electricals, or other utensils to make cooking that bit easier and more practical.

Our soup maker reviews include several references to Vonshef – historically their 800W model scored well in our best soup makers in previous years, but has now been updated as you’ll find out in this section. While you can still read about that popular model, it’s hard to get hold of these days, so we’ve retained it below for reference, as well as looked at those updated models to help you choose from the current range too.

What’s notable with Vonshef is that their product family have developed well together – not only do they have experience in products like soup makers, they also sell a lot of things like food blenders too. They’re actually remarkably similar products, so as one gets improved, others benefit from those innovations too, thanks to the similarities.

Our reviews for the Vonshef soupmakers are below:

large image of VonShef Soup Maker - Multifunctional Digital 900W Soup Machine with Large 1.75L Capacity - Versatile Blender Makes Smoothies, Milkshakes & Protein Shakes – For Quick, Easy Heating & Blending - 4 Modes

VonShef 800W

It’s an older model, but if you can still find it it’s a good one. A few years ago, it was out top rated Vonshef offering, called the 800W Jug Soup Maker. It’s a well designed and attractive stainless steel machine, priced well to appeal to the budget market.

If you’ve got a good memory, it even featured a few years back in a kitchen segment on the This Morning show on the UK ITV Channel, a daytime magazine show. That kind of promotion and exposure explains why it’s managed to become so popular and been the choice for so many homes.

Here’s the in depth Vonshef 800W Jug Soup Maker review.