Choosing where best to buy your soup maker is important. In terms of your buying decision, it’s second only to choosing the model you want for your kitchen.

On our site here at Soup Maker Zone, you’ll notice we tend to recommend Amazon. The reason we link to them is that they’re a very customer centric company – you get great prices, good and consistent service and very fast delivery. There are no guarantees that they offer the cheapest prices, but they are almost always close, meaning that you’ll get a good deal.

I often use the example of my grandmother, who was famous for driving across town to save a few pence on a tin of beans, of course saving much more than she saved on the petrol. The same goes for time – if you spend hours and hours scouring the web for the opportunity to save a few quid, what does that say about the value of your time? I’d much rather do something more useful or relaxing with that time.

Of course, just because we don’t want to waste time hunting down the absolute best price, you’re quite welcome to, but for those that are like us, the Amazon links are available. So, what about other stores like Argos?

Argos Soup Maker

As a familiar name for decades on the high street, Argos are a reputable brand and perfectly good place to choose to buy from. Soup makers, after all, are limited to a certain number of models, and the contents of a a given box will be the same regardless of where you buy it.

For that reason, if you’re passing an Argos store and find what you want in stock at the same price or cheaper than Amazon, it makes perfect sense to pick it up there and then. On the other hand, just heading down to your nearest store (which is a considerable distance for many) is a risky strategy if you don’t do your research first.

At the very least, check on the Argos website that they sell what you want, don’t just rely on the last catalogue you have lying around at home. The Argos website will tell you not only what they sell, but also the price and whether it’s in stock too. While you’re there, you can also reserve to collect later – paying online means you even get longer to collect your items, so it doesn’t need to be a mad dash and you can collect when you’re next passing if there’s no urgent need to get it today.

On the other hand, putting the same amount of effort in on the Amazon website could get you that same Argos soup maker delivered as soon as tomorrow, and if you have Prime (and it’s got the Prime logo), for no additional cost.

As a side note, if you didn’t already know, Argos are now under the Sainsburys umbrella, so you’ll probably find you can collect products there too. If that’s where you do your weekly shop, it may also give you cause to consider Argos to buy your soup cooker.