Compared to microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines, soup makers are a relatively small investment. Typically, most are available in the £50-£100 range, less if you’re lucky and get one on a deal or know where to look at the right time.

In general, we always refer people to Amazon. There are a number of reasons for this, but it’s mainly down to good prices, fast delivery and great service. Service is the big differentiator – if things go wrong with delivery or soon after purchase, Amazon will normally sort it out. That’s all well and good, but why should you buy one?

The biggest benefits you get from a soup maker will vary from person to person, but certain ones are fairly universal, so those are where we’ll focus. While they’re getting very popular, there’s a lot of people that tell us they’ve never actually seen a soup kettle in the flesh, let alone used one, so that’s why we’re talking about why to buy today. It’s not really about which one you buy, we’re talking here about any and all of them. If you want to learn more about the various models on the market and which we like, you can find that on the home page in our best soup makers table.


Eating Well, Eating Healthy

Soups are a great way to eat healthily. You can load them up with veggies and by using a soup maker, you know exactly what you’re putting in. Unlike buying canned soups in the supermarket, you always know all the ingredients you choose when you make them yourself, and more importantly what you’ve not put in too – namely salt and sugar, great for keeping your diet under control.

There’s also soup maker recipe books available too – so you can take something you like, and even tweak it to leave out less healthy ingredients, or ones you’re not so keen on.

Get More From Small Kitchen Spaces

Even the biggest kitchens get cluttered from time to time, and we all know how stress levels rise when you’re juggling pans on the hob. As soup is usually served as a starter, it’s really useful to be able to prepare it away from the cooker in the kitchen, leaving those rings on the hob free for main course and beyond as required.

As soup makers are easy to clean too – there’s less washing up pans and utensils needing washing up after cooking or eating as well.

Get Creative: Make Up Batches

large image of Zuvo 50 X Rectangular Microwave Plastic Food Container, Reusable Food Container Clear, 750 ml, Set of 50 When cooking, it’s not much harder to make several portions than it is to make a single serving. For the sake of cutting up a few more veggies and other ingredients, you can sort out your lunch to take to work, or for that matter to go anywhere else on the move. Even if there’s no microwave available wherever you’ll be, you could grab a food flask and heat it before you set off – it’ll be hot and ready to consume for hours, a great way to eat cheaply while out and about without limiting yourself to a boring sandwich!

If you have got heating facilities where you’re going you can use some cheap containers available on Amazon like in the picture – see the price here:

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While that’s by no means exhaustive, those are some simple soup maker benefits, no doubt you’ll find loads more if you choose to buy one to make your life easier. Whether the motivation is you love soup, have a small kitchen or even find your hob is on the blink, these are a great solution for fast soup making.